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    Default Item Help for two level 5 characters...

    As the title says. I am looking to make a character as a replacement for a level 5 game of 4e and I have hit the same rut I always do in character creation: Item shopping. We are using typical WBL which means we get one level 6 item, one level 5 item, one level 4 item and enough gold to buy another level 4 item. As a result, I am stuck on what to do. The roles they are looking for are striker and controller, and as of now most of the applicants have been making strikers. Thus, I decided I would try to make a controller, but then I saw that the party already had one(despite the fact one controller dropped...the group originally had 2.) and asked the DM if he would rather have a more versatile hybrid character rather then a pure controller. I have not heard back yet, and as a result have built two characters, one a dedicated controller and the other a striker//leader hybrid.

    The former is a Nethermancer mage, with Illusion as his secondary school that is focused on...well....being a controller. He targets will a lot and is mostly focused mostly on psychic powers(to the point that in paragon he'll be grabbing psychic lock right away.), though he's also throwing around some necrotic effects. However, he's not a damage dealer but a typical controller, inflicting status effects on enemies, knocking things prone ect... All and all, just a typical mage. He is also a staff user, since he doesn't have tons of save ends powers and thus is not going to go with orbs.

    Ability wise, he's focused solely on int. The nethermancy specialist has no secondary stat and as a result of that I was able to get away with having a well-rounded stay layout that has several moderate good scores and one really good score rather then two really good scores with the rest being pretty crappy. His only stats with a modifier below +2 are str(traditional dumb stat for wizards) and dex(with an int modifier of +4 this is only needed for initiative...and I took improved initiative.) The main reason for this array is easy qualification for feats. the best wizard feats require scores of 13+ in pretty much all the mental stats(13 wis for enlarge, 13 cha for spell focus ect..) as a result I decided to focus on having all my mental stats be decent(with an excelet int) rather then focusing on boosting two because I lose no power from doing so(Nethermancer has no true secondary stat of importance.) and gain easier access to many key wizardly feats.

    His WIP sheet can be found here.

    The other character is a sorcerer//warlord hybrid who, while capiable of some leaderly things, is much more heavily bent to the striking roll. He has a few healing powers to take the slack of the party's only leader(an ardent) but the vast bulk of his build is focused on dealing damage through both himself and his allies. with sorcerer class features and a very high strength he's dealing some powerful damage on with his arcane powers, and his warlord side is devoted to giving allies extra attacks. He can set off combos with many of his powers(such as using dragonfrost to slide an enemy into place to make use of commander's strike or another power that grants extra attacks.) to get more damage from his allies.

    As for his stat layout, he is the total opposite of the nethermancer, as he basically focuses solely on strength and charisma, leaving everything else in the 12 and under range. His dumb stat is wisdom and his other low stat is dexterity.(He gets strength to AC after all.) This character while primarily being damage focused, is part leader, and while most of his leaderly powers focus on using his allies to increase damage output, he still has some healing effects that can be thrown around in dire straits and can make life a bit easier for the party's ardent.

    His WIP sheet can be found here.(Ignore the -1 to AC. The sheet automatically makes your AC based off dex or int if your not in armor, so the only way to make his AC show right was to put in a -1 to get rid of the automatic +1 from int that shows up on the sheet and is impossible to get rid of unless you check off that your in heavy armor.)

    Anyway...seeing these characters, do any of you have ideas for items for both of them? I know that there are probally better armors for the Sorc//Warlord, but without the +2 robes(item level 6) he'd be at 19 AC...which is a tad uncomfortable for a character who will be near the enemies a lot.(not quite a frontliner...he's more like a character who uses a reach weapon without actually using a reach weapon since all of his attacks that are not sorc blasts use other allies rather then himself...aka he's a "lazylord" that can actually blast people with magic rather then stand around and do nothing but tell people to attack.)

    Also, if you recommend me a certain item, can you please also state what sourcebook it's in? I have a lot of books and I'd rather not search every one for some specific item. Also, both of these characters will be using staves for their weapons/implements. (A quarterstaff is a weapon, after all, and thus can be used with warlord powers.)
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    Default Re: Item Help for two level 5 characters...

    Huh. I just saw this. Did you still need help? I'm hardly a pro, but I can try to help ;)

    For the nethermancer:

    In my opinion, when the battle music starts a mage role is offense. You're going to want an enchanted staff (or two if you can be persuaded to take dual implement). For your level consider:

    Lv 6: Magic Staff +2. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a +2 to all attack and damage rolls. player hands book

    Lv 5: Staff of the Wind +1. I'd take something like this over the boots and stuff you have listed; instead of getting out of there, you use this staff to blast all your enemies away from you and knock them prone. (it creates a close blast 5 spell that pushes enemies back and knocks prone, based on INT)
    Adventurer's vault 2

    For armor, I'd used parchment armor before, and I can't say it impresses me. It sounds good in theory, but doesn't hold up in practice in my opinion. Consider something like:

    Lv 4 Cloth Battle Harness +1: Gives a constant +1 to initiative, and you can draw/stow items as a free action. Dragon Magazine 368.

    lv 2 robe of useful items: once a day, you have just the item you need. This is more of a support item, but it's a GREAT support item. Magnificent emporium.

    An item I suggest a lot, though especially for strikers: the helm of seven deaths. I'll give you the short version: you kill someone, you store their soul in one of your helm's seven jewels. You release these souls to get two nifty effects. Using up two souls gives you a decent self heal and using up all seven lets you deal max damage with four of your damage dice. It's from the magnificent emporium book, an one of my fave magic items.

    If that's not your style, consider the Casque of tactics. Gives a +1 initiative, and who doesn't need that? (Lv 4, adventurer's vault).

    For the sorceror/warlord, I'm having a harder time for items as I'm not sure how you'd play such a character. Front line looks like, but I can't wrap my head around it.

    I need to run, but if you want more ideas/suggestions just say so.


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