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    Default Technical advice for designing a lodge

    In our current campaign the five adventurers and I are looking to create a Lodge. Now starting off we don't have a bunch of extra money to spend so it will have to start off small and will have to grow as our coffers do.

    But I need some advice on how it should be laid out. It needs to start with like a common room with a bar and area for meals, and some rooms for rent. But I need some architectural advice on how to design and come up with a good layout for it. I hope to be able to create secret passage ways and other fun goodies as we go.

    The other thing being what are some good ideas for additions onto a lodge other than more rooms for rent?

    Any links to something that could be inspirational, or advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated

    And I posted in this forum because I'm aiming for esthetic advice, along with technical for this project.
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    Default Re: Technical advice for designing a lodge

    look up layouts of old castles ect, there are a lot of floorplans online of historic buildings.

    a blacksmith nearby would be good, as well as private meeting rooms people could rent. A good stage for Bards to perform on. that can be converted to a ring for fights.
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