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    Default Forum not updating

    Both screenshots taken at 5.30pm GMT +8

    I just posted in the 40k thread in Media Discussions but the thread didn't bump and the forum still says it has 356 replies even though the post shows up and says it's the 358th post.
    A 500 Internal error occurred when I made the post, but when I went back to the thread, my post was there.

    I didn't want to bump the thread just because of this, so it's here instead. Hope this helps track down the bug.

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    Default Re: Forum not updating

    Known bug that occurs when a 500-series error causes the database to not fully update, but a solution remains elusive. There are dozens of previous threads on this going back around a year, but they appear to have scrolled off the first page, so no reason for you to have known if you haven't run across it before.

    The mods have requested that people NOT double post to fix it, or delete and repost, just wait for a natural response from somebody else to reset things. In the meantime, if you come across a wonky thread like this, you can view hidden replies by hitting the "Reply" button and scrolling down below the input box to view previous posts.
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