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    Well this counts as art so I think/hope it's okay, not 100 percent sure but I figure I might as well give it a try, so here goes. First off I used to be a big D&D player from 2E into the later days of 3.5, after that though the group of friends I played with stopped hanging out together and I haven't really played since then. I don't have much time to play these days anyway, but I'd probably try to squeeze some in if someone invited me nonetheless. I was something of a min-maxer in my heyday... I would often create these tank builds as a player that were near impossible to take down via straight up physical combat as long as the CR of the enemies was somewhat close to our party level, but could often do very little offensively lol.

    Anyway that's probably enough about my gaming style... I'll be honest and admit the main reason I'm here (although I've been here before and had kind of a thing for that adorable little badass Miko) is to pimp my writing. I'm a fantasy (of course) writer who's had short stories published about 50 times in various magazines, anthologies and webzines, and am just about ready to debut a novel. I have a special love of hardcore warriors of the fairer gender, and write larger than life, (intentionally) unrealistic characters who I fancy throwbacks to the epic heroes of old like Beowulf or Gilgamesh... or Conan. Only as often as not, female. There's some sample writing of mine on my blog, granted most of what's there right now isn't as deep or serious as my longer work, as I tend to favor totally brainless shallow fun in my shorts. Hope you enjoy them though!
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