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    Default Riddle of Steel aging

    In TROS, spellcasting can age a sorcerer, but I haven't found any rules for the negative effects of this. Can it reduce your stats, are there default ages to just die at?

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    Default Re: Riddle of Steel aging

    You have to make a Knockout roll to resist the shock of losing months of your life, but I can't find any other consequences either. It's possible said consequences were supposed to go into the Sorcery sourcebook that I believe got canned.

    Your group might just have to ad-hoc some penalties for unnatural aging.

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    Default Re: Riddle of Steel aging

    is there not any character alterations that take place when certain ages are reached?
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    Default Re: Riddle of Steel aging

    Come to think of it, there are. They're on page 98 (aka the part of the rulebook most Seneschals just end up ad-hocing, except for falling damage, since people usually only get into RoS for the combat). I will reproduce them here.

    {table=head]Age|Age Category|Aging Target Number
    45-49|Early Middle Years|8
    50-54|Late Middle Years|9

    As to losing attribute points...

    {table=head]Number of Successes|Attribute Points Lost


    So once you reach 40, every year you roll HT against the TN for your age category. If you're particularly unlucky, a fumble could mean that the moment you hit the age of forty you suffer from a critical case of old age and lose 10 points worth of attributes.

    For a sorcerer, I would also have them make that roll every time they age after casting a spell once they're past 40 (although any attributes lost due to unnatural aging would be temporary, attribute points recovering at a rate of 1 point a week, as opposed to the permanent loss from one of the once-a-year aging checks. But that's just me).
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