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    Default can you lose a template?

    Simple question:
    Can you lose a template if you don't qualify for it anymore?
    specifically if you have a template that specifies that you have to be humanoid, but later on you become undead.

    At first i thought: "yes, bc it would effectively disqualify you from having that template"
    but that would mean that nearly no template would work for an undead creature.

    Would a creature lose inherent or only acquired templates? or both?

    there is also this line in the SRD:
    Whenever you add multiple templates, pay attention to the creature’s type—you may add a template that makes the creature ineligible for other templates you might want to add.
    bold mine.
    This creates more confusion then not. As far as i read this, it means that you cannot take a template if you become disqualified for it with another template that you already have.
    To put it frankly, this is obvious, but it does not say that you become disqualified for a template that you already have.

    and to make matters worse: If you become disqualified for a template that you already have, by taking another template, and therefore lose the first one;
    would that not also mean that when you become undead, you are now undead -> undead cannot be undead, therefore you stop being undead????

    1: to be A, you cannot already be A.
    2: you are B,
    3: you become A,
    4: to be A, you cannot already be A.
    5: you become B (again)

    If you CANNOT lose a template by adding another template (that would disqualify you from taking the first); would that not mean that you could, in Optimized Thinking theory qualify for any and all templates as long as you add them in the right order?

    Is this another part where RAW=Broken? (IS there RAW?)
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    Default Re: can you lose a template?

    By RAW, you don't lose templates (by which I mean there's no rule for losing templates). Individual templates may alter this rule.

    Also, I'm not sure when this would come up. Most templates this would affect are already mutually exclusive.
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    Default Re: can you lose a template?

    as far as RAW, you can lose a few aquired templates if you no longer qualify (Lolth-touched, Dragonborn, Vecna-blooded) but inherited templates are permanent. Many other aquired templates have no loss mechanic.
    So basically it depends on the wording in the template.

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