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    Post Why is it that threads in this subforum are always locked?

    More specifically, why are threads published in this subforum always locked after receiving official word from an administrator? I suppose it could be for space, but there've been several threads here in which I've wanted to question the administrator on their verdict (respectfully, of course). I'm just curious as to why this is.
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    Default Re: Why is it that threads in this subforum are always locked?


    Quote Originally Posted by Gorbash Kazdar View Post
    Comrade Gorby: As a general rule, Board/Site Issues is not a place for prolonged discussion. Its purpose to answer specific questions or resolve specific issues.

    In order to make it simpler to determine what are new or ongoing problems and what are issues that have been resolved, we lock threads in this forum with a much higher frequency than any other place on the boards. So if a thread gets locked in Board/Site Issues, assume it is for that reason unless specifically stated otherwise.

    In short, locks in this forum are generally not punitive, and simply for purposes of bookkeeping and organization.
    Before asking a question, I'd advise people to scan the forum for possible threads on the issue, particularly the sticky threads.
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