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    Default Favorite Necromancy Wizard Build

    I'm just curious as to what everyone's favorite Mage build is. Guidelines are as follows:
    1. Only use races from PH1 or similar races. No level adjustment races.
    2. Only think of spells from PH 1. No swift expeditious retreat or such in mind.
    3. Feats from basically anywhere in 3.5e is fair game.
    4. I'd like to stick to a necromancy specialist.
    5. No multiclassing. Only 1 prestige class if you wish, but it's not necessary.

    I'm looking mainly for race, feat build through 20, and spells in mind when making this build. Other than that, have fun!

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    Default Re: Favorite Necromancy Wizard Build

    If you want a character built for you, and those are the limitations your DM put in place, then just say that.

    Gray Elf from the Monster Manual gets Str -2, Dex +2, Con -2, Int +2. It's usually the go-to for a core-races Wizard build.

    Command Undead automatically gives you pseudo-permanent control of any mindless undead you happen to find. It doesn't have a very good chance of working on intelligent undead, considering it's a Will save effect and undead HD give good Will saves, so save it for the zombies and skeletons. You can recast it on a given creature every (CL-1) days to make sure they stay under your control indefinitely, and even (Lesser Metamagic Rod of) Extend it to cast it half as often on them.

    I wouldn't make a necromancer out of a Wizard, I'd use the Dread Necromancer base class in Heroes of Horror. A Cleric with the Magic domain and a Wand of Command Undead makes a better necromancer than a Wizard.

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    Default Re: Favorite Necromancy Wizard Build

    A Cleric is going to make a better necromancer than a wizard due to the class features.
    As for Wizard Build? You're probably going to be a specialist Necromancer, but you really don't have to be. Necromancers can ban Enchantment and Illusion with no problems. You're going to want to keep Evocation/Abjuration, the defensive spells are a must for someone running around with an army. Your minions will handle most of the lockdown for you, and are immune to things like Cloudkill. Go nuts with area-of-effect spells that don't damage your undead.

    Clerics and Turning are going to be a problem for you, so grab Shivering Touch and Shatter (The former for the cleric himself, the latter for his Holy Symbol)
    Aside from that general advice, most of it is actually just undead selection paired with spell selection. Feats and PrC's are going to be frosting and a cherry on top, but the actual undead and your chosen spells are your cake and ice cream.

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    Default Re: Favorite Necromancy Wizard Build

    Have you seen the corpse-crafter line of feats in Libris Mortis?

    They're some nice stuff for a necromancer minion-master.
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