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    Default Template to make a familiar fey-like

    I'm working on a homebrew PrC that, among other abilities, makes your familiar fey-like, but I'm having trouble finding an appropriate template for it. Half-fey is close, but I'm worried it might be too powerful for a 8/10 casting PrC that also gives DR/Cold Iron, additional spells known, and boosts to Illusion/Enchantment DCs. Are there any other templates that might work?

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    Default Re: Template to make a familiar fey-like

    Fey Touched ? [FF]
    LA +1, but its a pale shadow of Half-Fey

    Other than that the Fey templates are all high LA, low value.

    Though there is the Unseelie Fey template, but that is missing an important detail ─ so YMMV

    ED: Savage Species split the Half-Fey template into 2 racial levels, so you could also just apply one level of this ? Its available online, here.
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