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    Default Get Well Soon Card

    I think, we should do a collage of pictures of the OotS cast. As a get well soon card for The Giant.
    The Twist: Everyone has to draw them with their non-dominant hand.

    Everyone draws 1 OotS character of their choice (we would need some sizing restrictions/recommendations) on a white background. Someone then pulls all of the characters onto a single background together, maybe arranges them nicely, adds in the cheesy 'get well soon' message.
    Maybe get it printed onto some stock paper, turn it into a card and send it in as well?

    What do you guys think? Just as a fun thing to show our support?

    Or did I totally miss that there is already something like this in the works?
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    Default Re: Get Well Soon Card

    I would say you missed it (not sure on the totally, because I think most contribution was at the Kickstarter page - and it has not really a theme)

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    Some of us in the Kickstarter "F5 club" (as well as a couple of forum members) put together a little online get-well card for Rich. Didn't want to clog his inbox over there since he is already behind, so I am posting it here and hoping he'll see it...

    There are some really talented artists out there who made some fun cartoons and stuff (and then there are people like me who can barely hold a pen, but it's the thought that counts! ) Here it is!
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    Default Re: Get Well Soon Card

    ^ROFL at Belkar's line. That's too good.
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