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    Default Building a Spymaster

    I'm about to start playing a 3.5 game, and I think I've settled on playing a Spymaster. The campaign revolves largely around roleplay, political intrigue, dealing with NPCs, etc. I was planning on just going rogue 5, then straight through Spymaster out of Complete Adventurer. Thought I'd ask for a bit of help: does anyone know of a class more suited to disguise, bluff, etc.? Are there feats that I will definitely need, other classes to mix in? I want to remain viable in combat and in dungeons, so some infiltration capability is good as well.

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    Default Re: Building a Spymaster

    A modified version of the Joker Bard would do you wonders. Many of the tricks and tactics employed will work marvelously for your character design.

    Changeling Rogue1(racial sub)/Bard. Maybe throw in Spymaster if you're really paranoid.

    Bards, in addition to party face skills, get things like Glibness (+30 to Bluff checks AND CL contest to bypass Compel Truth and Zone of Truth), can also play hell with someone trying to scry him (Fool Scry, Detect Scry).
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    Default Re: Building a Spymaster

    That could work out. I'll have to look into the changeling rogue, and look at bard again.

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