OK! So i need some help in building a Fighter. it will be the first Fighter i have ever done actually which i found someone strange. after years of playing 3.5 i figured it was time.

So...we are starting at 1 and going to probably 8-10 depending on how much time we have. ANY 3.5 supplement is allowed as long as i can reference it so please cite your sources!

i would like to keep the cheese setting to a mild Cheddar and not a stinky Parmesan.

i would also like to use a Spiked chain with a long sword as a back up.

Human would be key to all of this as part of my back story! stats as follows.


so as for my CHEESE; which no one shall remove from me: i chose a Psionic Sinew Symbiont from 9 Hells.

lest build!