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    Default Can't Find a Dungeon Issue

    Which one had that drug in it that if you overdosed, you became a tree or something? I want to trick my players into thinking it's a potion.
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    Default Re: Can't Find a Dungeon Issue

    While I can't answer that particular question, there is an item in 2e called (i believe) devilweed, that when ingested forms an addiction, and has a % chance to kill you and summon a Balor or similar from your giblets.

    The more addicted you are, and the longer you go between hits, the higher the %. Not only that, but when you're under its effects, you get combat bonuses.

    We once had a rogue that used it to excess - we're resting in a monestary, he takes a hit (because the % to die is smallest with regular use)... and suddenly we're woken up by a Balor and a ****ton of pissed off clerics.

    By the time it was over, our cleric was excommunicated, the paladin had been stripped from his order, and the wizard had to break them both out of jail.

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