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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    I would actually recommend skipping Spirit Lion Totem on this one, because of the power level of the rest of your group. For the same reason, I'd recommend skipping Shock Trooper.

    Pick up Power Attack, Leap Attack, and let that handle your charge-boosting. 1:3 returns on a two handed weapon will still be quite a strong oomph compared to the rest of your group, but not so much that it'd overpower them.

    Use Wolf Totem Barbarian for Improved Trip, and then get Knockdown. You can charge, smack someone around a lot, and if they're still up, trip'em. Even in normal combat, you'll be likely to be tripping on most hits.

    Build would look like :
    Barbarian 1 : Power Attack, Extra Rage
    Barbarian 2 : Wolf totem for Improved Trip
    Warblade 1 : Knockdown
    Warblade 2 :
    Warblade 3 :
    Warblade 4 : Leap Attack
    Warblade 5 : Bonus feat as Fighter

    You'll end up not as strong this way, certainly, but it'll be more in line with the rest of your party, while still being the biggest source of spike damage when you land a charge attack.
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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. Lose a feat from fighter, but it gets the combo up and running ASAP, and without going into knockdown/AoO stuff it's less feat intensive anyways.

    Level 1: Barbarian - Pounce, PA, Imp Bullrush
    Level 2: Warblade -
    Level 3: Warblade - Extra Rage, Initiator level 2
    Level 4: Warblade
    Level 5: Fighter - Leap Attack
    Level 6: Warblade - Shock Trooper, Initiator Level 4
    Level 7: Warblade - Knockback

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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    At level 6, you have initiator level 5. Nice to see you refining this and focusing in a single direction. Probably time to start looking at your maneuvers.
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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    Well, if I had improved trip from Wolf Totem I don't think it'd be quite so focussed lol. I guess I just have an inherent bias towards versatility.

    I think the maneuvers I listed above are still more-or-less the right choices.

    Quietus: Not a bad suggestion. Might be one for some input from Palanan. I know the other party member is quite happy to have me be a half-orc missile, though.

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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    The only reason to get Knockback is if you're using the Dungeoncrasher ACF at Fighter 2. That will let you deal extra damage equal to 4d6 plus twice your Str bonus against an opponent you knock-back into a solid obstacle, such as the ground if you're flying above them. It also gives you a +5 to Str checks to break obstacles, and +2 AC and saves vs traps. Pick up the feat Jotunbrud from Races of Faerun to count as large size when it would be beneficial, such as your Bull Rush checks from Knockback.

    What race are you going with? You've got two feats at 1st level, but you can take one flaw, so with Human you can include Jotunbrud at 1st level.

    If you have to choose between the Wolf Totem class variant and the Lion Spirit alternate class feature, don't go Barbarian 2 without Wolf Totem. I'd still put a second Fighter level in there on or after Knockback for Dungeoncrasher.

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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    Homebrewed aquatic half orc, no first level bonus feat.

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    Default Re: Barbarian/Warblade build advice

    Well, it seems that Quietus is suggesting a lower-power approach, and BF has something a little stronger in mind.

    Is there a middle way?

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