Hello, everyone. A few months ago, I clicked on an interesting-looking ad here on GiantitP. It brought me to a webcomic that looked very interesting. It was about a man who loses his son. The man then decides to become a vigilante, taking the appearance and name of a superhero that he used to tell his son stories about. Back when I encountered the comic, it was just starting out. I had planned on revisiting for the next update, but by then, I had completely forgotten about the comic. I only just thought about it today, and after much googling, I've had no luck. I also looked through the webcomic list here on this forum, but I didn't see anything familiar.

I know I haven't given a whole lot of information, but maybe by some chance this comic is familiar to you. If you can manage to direct me to the webcomic based on my poor description, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.