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Thread: Doppleganger ?

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    Default Doppleganger ?

    "Fyi, they don't need to sleep from what I can tell (all the other monstrous races explicitly mention a need to sleep in the book, and doppelgangers are immune to sleep) and they have an always on detect thoughts spell like ability."

    I had a player interested in playing one say this to me. Is it true that they never sleep? Seems illogical to me but thought i would check. IF yes or no can you not the book and or page please.

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    Default Re: Doppleganger ?

    Monstrous Humanoid type - Monstrous humanoids eat, sleep, and breathe.
    They have immunity to sleep and charm effects.
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    Default Re: Doppleganger ?

    Just point out to him that there are no rules governing sleep in 3.5. Technically, while some creatures types list a need to sleep, there's nothing to enforce that need at all rendering it a fluff concern.

    Make a decision that everyone can live with, call it a houserule, call it a day; problem solved.
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