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    Default [3.P] Unusual mount request; Need help

    So, I'm running the Red Hand of Doom for my group, and one of the players is playing a Hellbred C/G Paladin. His stated character concept is "badass." Anyway, he's currently looking for a mount. I'm allowing some leeway here; anything CR 3-5 is allowed, and I'll look at anything else presented and see if it can be adjusted. He's specifically asked for "the motorcycle of the paladin world."

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    Default Re: [3.P] Unusual mount request; Need help

    Well, excepting the possibility of dragons, since those only come online at very high level, I propose : Drakkensteed.

    From Dragon Magic, they're like bigger, scarier horses that have tiny traces of dragon blood in them. And they fly.
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    Default Re: [3.P] Unusual mount request; Need help

    Planning a biker cavalier right now, and the obvious answer is: an appropriately-sized dire boar. A "hog", if you will.

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