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    Hey guys and galls. I am making a character who is a trickster primarily. I have a build in place, and he is a wizard. I am just drawing a blank on the spells that a trickster would pack for an adventuring day. We are starting at level 5. I already thought of grease, silent image, benign transportation and the like. I am considering eventually grabbing shape spell and invisible spell, but nothing is certain on that front yet.

    I am probably going to be fulfilling the role of BFC. So while he is a deceiving, cunning, loveable scamp, I would still like him to be effective at his job while still in theme. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    Default Re: Spell list help

    Sticky Floor (RotD) -- Glue Trap
    Wall of Smoke (SC) -- Lesser Farting Contest
    Stinking Cloud -- Farting Contest
    Nauseating Breath -- Belching contest
    Invisibility -- Pranksters should not be seen
    Mirror Image -- When you get caught, you will need something to keep them from stabbing you
    Shatter -- sometimes you just absolutely have to break something, from way over here
    Slide and/or Greater (SC) -- I don't know what happened, he was standing right next to the fountain/edge of the roof/volcano, and he just slipped
    Hoard Gullet (DM) -- Smuggling, stealing, taking loot with you, keeping your spellbook safe from other tricksters
    Glitterdust -- maybe other pranksters are sneaking up on you invisibly.
    Shadowspray (SC) -- Strength Damage and Daze
    Web -- Improved Glue Trap
    Slow -- Keep them in the Glue Trap indefinitely.

    Regarding my Necrotic Apprentice trick:
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    This is brilliant.
    Regarding my Non-Epic Hidecarved Dragon:
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    Nicely done. Probably too cheesy for many tables, but I'd be inclined to allow it at mine, just for chutzpah.

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