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    Default ranger/wizard help

    Starting up a new 3.5 game soon and i want to be a ranger/wizard/abjurant champion. I'm starting off as a mystic ranger, and before you say it my DM has already said no to Sword of the Arcane Order.

    I might be able to swing a feat that lets me use int instead of wisdom for spell casting to for all spells but if not then what should i do with point spread.

    if I can im looking at

    We're using 28 point buy and idk what changes i should make if i cant swing the int on all casting.

    Any suggestions are welcome playground.

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    Default Re: ranger/wizard help

    Mystic Ranger is basically all-or-nothing, if you're just dipping Ranger then you're better off not making it Mystic.

    Without Sword of the Arcane Order, there's really no synergy at all between Ranger and Wizard. You'll end up with an extremely MAD character who can't even go into a viable gish build (Full BAB 2/ Wizard 4/ Spellsword 1/ Abjurant Champion 5, requires proficient in all martial weapons and heavy armor).

    Consider replacing Wizard with Psion or Erudite and taking Slayer. Qualify with Ranger 1/ Psion 6 or Ranger 2/ Psion 4, that bonus psionic feat at 5th is probably worth a lot more than a Ranger combat style, especially considering what you can replace it with. There's even a built-in psionic adaptation for Abjurant Champion, but I wouldn't even ask for spell-to-power if your DM won't allow SotAO.

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