I only recently came to play D&D this past June, and was the "new guy" to a group that have been together for years. I am trying to put together some neat character ideas that I can just "pull out" if and when I need to create new characters. I have spent hours and hours reading all the different splat books, and had some ideas forming in my head.

Some of my ideas turned out to be less-than-original, (not necessarily a bad thing, as it means I was able to spot good synergies) and I was able to get all the info and help I needed by looking at builds and analysis online. I now have a Bardblade, refluffed RKV, Swift Hunter, Eternal Blade/Revenant Blade etc waiting in the wings . I am currently playing an Arcane Gnome Conjurer modeled after WoW gnome culture, who has a fascination with colour and a proclivity for "accidentally" blowing things up.

Recently I had a talk with the DM about some character concepts I had come up with, and he ruled that he would allow SOoK to work with fire effects from martial adept abilities. Unfortunately I am having trouble piecing this one together, so I'm coming to you for help.

The basic character concept plays off of the Desert Wind weapon preferences and the desert theme, as well as a swordsage stereotype. Effectively I am attempting to create a Saracen Mameluke who combats the infidel with the sacred fire of Allah (Kord.) I am trying to dump Cha and Str, while keeping Agi, Wis and Con high. Int can fluctuate depending on concept. (Preferably this character could take some of the skilled character load.) The character is not locked completely into desert wind, but it must remain as part of the concept. The character could sit anywhere on the Law/Chaos Axis, but must be non-Evil. (Again, flavour) That's not to say he would necessarily have trouble with Shadow Hand maneuvers.

Currently my best attempts seem to take me through Swordsage, dip into Warblade, and then SoOK and finishing with Mo9. I am amenable to gish, but can't seem to find one that works at all, and figured my best idea might be to drop it. I also thought of a sword thrower, but Bloodstorm Blade causes an awkward reliance on Str as far as I can see.

Feel free to optimize heavily, although if it strays too far away from character concept I probably would spin that off as a new character idea and come back to the drawing board with this one. I want this character to be both true to concept and useful to the group.

TL;DR, Help me create and optimize a Swordsage/Sanctified one of Kord with a Desert Saracen theme

Thanks for helping!