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    Default Ways to enter the Walker in the Waste

    I was cataloging the ways to enter in the Walker in the Waste...

    Druid(5), spells: Waste Strider(1), Desiccate(2), Haboob(3).
    Cleric(5), spells: Desiccate(2), Haboob(3), Black Sand(3).
    Cleric with Sand domain(3), spells: Waste Strider(1), Black Sand(2), Dessicate(2).
    Archivist(5), spells as Cleric. Possible Archivist(3) if she can find domain spell scrolls.
    Wizard/Sorcerer(6), spells: Parching Touch(1), Dessicate(2), Haboob(3). It is possible Wizard(5) if he obtains Heat Endurance somewhat before having Fortitude +2. EXTRA FEAT TAX! Southern Magician.
    Bard(17), spells: Tormenting Thirst(3), Dispel Water(4), Mephit Mob(6).
    Favorite Soul(6), spells as Cleric.
    Ur-Priest(4), spells as Cleric. Possible Ur-Priest(3) if she has at least 16 of Wisdom.
    More or less any Arcane strong spellcasting class just need a Sand Shaper level to have the spells.

    Any other idea? What is your favorite way?
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