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    Default Words of Creation: Pretty Much Useless?

    Apart from their value to bards for the IC benefits, are the Words of Creation really worth the effort?

    I've been looking at the feat for a cloistered cleric, but I'm having a hard time seeing a broad application here. The Words give a slight bonus to magic item crafting, and you can apply a free Extend Spell to any Conjuration (Creation) spells you cast.

    Trouble is, clerics don't seem to have many of those. Apart from a small handful in the Spell Compendium, and two or three in the PHB, there's nothing to work with.

    I must be missing something. Is there some lovely benefit for non-bards that I'm completely overlooking?

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    Default Re: Words of Creation: Pretty Much Useless?

    Clerics do get some Conjuration (creation) spells, but the ones I can find aren't worth spending a feat to extend.

    True name actually looks pretty good, especially if you were to go Malconvoker. Reducing the SR of the fiend you want to call or giving yourself a bonus to the opposed Charisma check might be worth a feat. (Unfortunately, this part seems broken. WoC is [Exalted], so you lose it if you commit an evil act. Planar binding an evil creature is an evil act. So, presumably, is imprisoning a celestial and forcing it to work for you. I'd either drop the rule that casting an [Evil] spell is evil enough to make you lose [Exalted] feats, or rule that planar binding never gets an alignment descriptor.)

    All in all, it's not horrible, but not great. I'd definitely take it on a Conjurer, summoner Sorcerer or Archivist. Especially if I decided to be a Vow of Poverty Necropolitan Sorcerer/Malconvoker.
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