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    Default The Game Begins (Dungeon 4)

    Once more time seems to splinter as you enter the door. All your senses are diluted for what is a mixture of eternity and an instant. And then once more you find yourself within a new realm.

    Walls of solid stone covered in odd black script, perhaps sixty feet high form a border around a rather large knoll area. Small shacks and huts made of wood are abound in the knoll. Flaming objects rain down, igniting some of the huts and killing some of the peasants still standing. You can hear war cries from the other side of wall, it sounds as though an army has marched upon the area.

    The Keepers voice offers insight inside your mind.

    "The King has been told three saviors would come. Now, you must protect him from the army that has been sent for him. His other champions will arrive, but you must hold out until they do. The King may be found within the throne."


    You are in the middle of a castle siege. You'll have to find the throne home, and fend off any attackers. You can see the entrance into the castle proper, but have no way of knowing where the throne room is within the castle proper.
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    Default Re: The Game Begins (Dungeon 4)

    "So much like home..." Skuttles releases what would pass for a wistful sigh as he takes a moment to enjoy the sight of fleeing and terrified peasants.

    "Do any of you wish to grab a snack or interrogate the commoners before we hunt for the king? I doubt this lot will be of much help; anyone inside the castle will probably offer more information. Perhaps without soiling their pants while doing so..."
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    Default Re: The Game Begins (Dungeon 4)

    R'Rhanna looks at the castle, then shrugs: "'Found within the throne' sounds strange to me, but let's get going. Once we're inside we can see what we find."
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