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    Default Guide to Planar ally/Binding?

    Ok so I know there are scores of guides for summoning. and while their used to be one for planar ally/binding on teh WoTC forums.. it has since been lost, likely due ot the new forum shake up with the advent o the d&d 5th/playtest forums.

    I am just wondering if anybody has a or knows of a guide for planar ally/binding that i cna look over for a character of mine.

    I do not mind if you go the whole 'summon efreet makes wishes /win the game' but it is not my main goal.

    but having those options listed so I can make deliberate actions to not do those that i otherwise might have accidently done.

    so again if you guys want to make a list or point me in the direction of one I would really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Guide to Planar ally/Binding?

    This should help significantly,

    Its for evil creatures only though.
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    Default Re: Guide to Planar ally/Binding?

    You don't have to play a malconvoker, but this has a lot of summoning advice.

    Other routes to summoning exist, including druid with sna.

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    Default Re: Guide to Planar ally/Binding?

    Quote Originally Posted by ngilop View Post
    I do not mind if you go the whole 'summon efreet makes wishes /win the game' but it is not my main goal.
    I do - if you actually stop and read the Efreeti monster description, and then read what the alignments actually mean, it's relatively clear that it's rather suicidal to mass Bind Efreeti.

    As to Planar Binding:
    For the most part, if you're using Planar Binding, you're an Arcane caster, rather than a Divine caster - which is good for you, as Clerics have to be very careful what spells they cast - the Lawful-Good Aligned Cleric couldn't Planar Bind an Archon - it requires Magic Circle Against Law (a [Chaos] spell), or Magic Circle Against Good (an [Evil] spell), which they can't cast due to alignment restrictions. For the same reason, the Cleric couldn't bind an Efreeti (it takes on the [Evil] descriptor), nor a Ghale ([Chaotic]). It gets really hard for anything other than a TN Cleric to get things (although there are some critters they can grab).

    If you plan on Binding often, a Sorcerer is (in many ways, not all), a better choice than a Wizard - due to the Charisma-based casting working well with the Charisma-based deal. Yes, there are ways to mitigate this (Enervation on the bound critter prior to negotiations, Moment of Prescience for the negotiation, and so on), but the Sorcerer doesn't need as much resource investment in it.

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    Default Re: Guide to Planar ally/Binding?

    You don't need a guide, because there's really only one way to do it in a real game that won't eventually blow up in your face.

    Call a creature via planar binding into a calling diagram as described under magic circle against evil, then make a reasonable deal with the creature.

    What exactly constitutes a reasonable deal is between you and your DM, just remember that trying to get something for nothing or breaking your end of a bargain tends to go poorly for you.

    For which creature to actually call, the guides linked above should have some decent suggestions.
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