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    Default Inquisitor Past 20th level

    Hey there Playgrounders,

    I'm working with a player to develop an epic level progression for inquisitor, and would like to ask your opinion on how best to get that going.

    Already progressing the Teamwork feats and Judgement's per day, as per the previous 20 levels. I'm also looking at using the Dread weapon effect as an epic augmentation of the Bane and Greater Bane effects.

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    Default Re: Inquisitor Past 20th level

    Depending on how close you want to keep to the way 3.5 does it, you'll need to throw in some Bonus Feats. One every 3 or 4 levels should do it.
    Other than what you've mentioned (and the 2 things below) there really isn't much TO do on Epic Progressions.

    Dread almost seems a touch weak.
    A dread weapon excels at attacking one type of creature. Against its designated foe, its effective enhancement bonus is +4 better than its normal enhancement bonus. Further, it deals +4d6 points of bonus damage against the foe, and if it scores a successful critical hit against the foe, that creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 27) or be destroyed instantly and turned to dust. (This even affects creatures immune to critical hits or death magic.)
    I only say it is weak due to the Inquisitor getting Greater Bane at 12th.

    5th, Bane, +2 to Enhancement bonus, +2d6 damage.
    12th, Greater Bane, +2 to Enhancement bonus, +4d6 damage.
    2?th, Dread, +4 to Enhancement bonus, +4d6 damage, potential Instant Death on Critical and Fort Save.

    On a non-crit you're only gaining +2 to-hit and damage over Greater Bane.
    Granted, the Instant Death is nice, but...
    Maybe go straight to "Greater Dread" and give +6d6 damage? It just seems to flow better.

    Also, you may want to review the Domains/Inquisitions. I'm sure there's a few that scale oddly (either REALLY good after 20, or REALLY pointless after 20).
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    Default Re: Inquisitor Past 20th level

    I'll make sure to check out the domains to avoid being redundant.

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