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Thread: Warblade feats?

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    Default Warblade feats?

    Hi, folks,

    I've got little problem with choosing feats for my THF Warblade. I really like Iron Heart and Diamond Mind Disciplines, though I dipped little bit in Tiger Claw for Pouncing charge. I would like to group damage-dealer/charger, since we got tripper, grappler, wizard and rogue. Oh, and we are playing in Game of Thrones setting, so not much magic, magic items will be hard to get (will house-rule AC) and also I presume we will fight against armed humanoid, possible undeads or (magical) beasts. My weapon of choice is going to be greatsword, could change later for halberd or something like that.

    My maneuver progress is planned like this:

    1: Moment of Perfect Mind, Douse the Flames, Wolf Fang Strike, Punishing Stance
    2: Charging Minotaur
    3: Wall of Blades
    4: Charging Minotaur -> Emerald Blade, Leading the Charge
    5: White Raven Tactics
    6: Douse the Flames -> Iron Heart Surge
    7: Death from Above
    8: ???
    9: Pouncing Charge
    10: Wolf Fang Strike -> Lightning Recovery, Hearing the Air
    11: Manticore Parry
    12: Death from Above -> Moment of Alacrity
    13: Finishing Move
    14: Emerald Blade -> Avalanche of Blades
    15: Adamantine Hurricane
    16: ???
    17: Time Stands Still
    18: Finishing Move -> Strike of Perfect Clarity
    19: Mountain Tombstone Strike
    20: ???

    Not sure, if this progress is okay, was thinking of getting Quicksilver Motion or Bounding Assault, although I don't know what maneuvers I could exchange. Any advice on this?

    The feat progression causes me some troubles, since I would like to get Shock Trooper, Stormguard Warrior, Robilar's Gambit (I like Karmic Strike more, but prereqs are demanding) and Leap Attack. Not sure about order though. I thought about this:

    1: Power Attack, Imporved Bull Rush, Adaptive Style
    3: Combat Reflexes
    5: Iron Heart Aura (bonus feat)
    6: Stormguard Warrior
    9: Leap Attack, Blind-Fight (bonus feat)
    12: Robilar's Gambit
    13: Improved Initiative
    15: Schock Trooper
    17: Lighting Reflexes (bonus feat)
    18: ???

    Any tips what could I improve? Thanks for any advices :)

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    Default Re: Warblade feats?

    Honestly, your feat progression looks pretty solid to me. You seem to have all the normal super-charger feats. Do be warned that, if your group doesn't normally optimize, you might end up overshadowing the other players, especially melee.

    For your feat at 18, I'd recommend Stand Still. It'll keep people in range for you to whale on them a little longer.

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    Default Re: Warblade feats?

    One way to scale back your damage if your group won't keep up would be to drop leap attack and improved initiative, and get dodge and mobility instead. Then grab elusive target (CW) at 18th.

    Not having leap attack will bring your uber-charging down slightly, and lower initiative means you'll have slightly less opportunities to charge in the first place.

    Despite the awful prereqs, elusive target is a great feat - negating power attack can be a life saver, especially at those levels. The "misdirection" ability making opposite opponents hit each other is a good if situation-specific ability.

    Overall, this would give you a few more defensive tools at not a lot of cost (how often is leap attack going to make-or-break your attack?)

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    Default Re: Warblade feats?

    Thanks RFLS. My group is not optimizing, we have one tanky cleric (with trip), grappling monk (later he will get Imp. Trip too) so we got control. I shouldn't forget our wizard. So that leaves me and our melee rogue to do the dirty job. That's why I go for damaging tools first.

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    Default Re: Warblade feats?

    I'd consider moving shock trooper earlier in the progression, because that feat is just so nice. If you could spare a level for barbarian you could profit significantly from pounce (I know that you are focused on maneuvers, but recharge all of them on massive damage charge is nice). Grab spirit lion totem acf (fast movement for pounce), and whirling frenzy acf (rage gives you an extra attack at full bab instead of con, yeah you only get it 1/day, but it's half of a haste spell for free (and the good half at that))
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