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    Default Omni-Comics

    I would like to introduce my new Web Comic titled: Omni-Comics

    The comic is about finding humor in every aspect of life. Here is my latest post. I update daily so please come check it out.

    You can click the "HOME" button to read my other posts.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Omni-Comics

    Not accessible at all without javascript.
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    Hey, check out my site. (It has interactive comics, stories and coding efforts.)

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    Default Re: Omni-Comics

    some were funny, some weren't, some just sucked. enh. The art style is good though, I like the crispness. You really need a proper forward next button/ comic layout though.
    Hey everyone! Dyluth and I have a new project coming up, a steam/diesel punk webcomic. Please take a look!

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    Default Re: Omni-Comics

    Thanks for the feedback,

    I incorporated proper navigation buttons as suggested ^^

    I still have some work to do, e.g. an archives page, but take a look.

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