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    Default Pathfinder Erza

    I have recently been reading the Fairy Tail manga and really liked the re-quip power that Erza had and was thinking of playing it in our next game. We play pathfinder but our DM allows all 3.5 books with exceptions of any really broken things.

    I was thinking of using some variant to the Magus where insted of altering the weapon I'm holding summoning a new one the main issue with the weapons I see is how would i make all the different magic weapons without making it broken.

    Also for the switching of armor I am really short on ideas. we are starting at level 1 on 12/21/12 so if you would like to help I only really need to figure out level 1 right away. also if you have never read Fairy Tail but would still like to help here is a link to information about the ability.
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    Default Re: Pathfinder Erza

    First, you have to legally own each weapon that you want to summon. If you have the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, you can make your own weapons. This means you have to pay the real cost for every weapon. That's how it would be done fairly. You couldn't summon a weapon that belongs to others without their express consent. Otherwise, this is theft.

    Second, You'd also probably need a bag of holding to carry those weapons in.

    Third, if you want this nifty ability you'd have to give up something for it. Pathfinder allows for all kinds of swapping of abilities (see Archetypes).

    Fourth, how fast you can swap one weapon for another might scale over time. Considering that Erza is pretty powerful, this is not something that you'd have access to at low levels.

    For example, Requip could allow you swap any weapon you are currently wielding for any other that you are carrying (must be on your person or in your bag of holding) even while you are in combat as a Standard Action.

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