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    Default Homebrew System(Avatar the last air bender)

    So 1st time posting here although I have lurked for a while. I figured this would be the place to look for advice.

    for the past few weeks I have been making my own system for a campaign in Avatarverse While ultimately a modded 3.5dnd I tried to do some things to avoid becoming as out of whack as 3.5 was.

    One of the biggest changes was basically removing classes. players chose their nation of birth and if they are a bender or not at the start and then pick a talent every outer level, which are generally bending ability's, that function like attacks or magic, or feats. talents requires some kind of prerequisite generally building along a tree. starting a tree also grants a more passive ability, generally relating to how many talents in that tree you have picked.

    all players use a d8 for hp, and have the same BAB rate of +1 a level until it passes 5 then gaining an additional attack at +1 and continuing the trend. players also increase their saves as they wish, gaining one "point" to boost one of their choice each level.

    With no clerics or healing classes players get a number of free heals, justified by using force of will to continue fighting. a number of times equal to their wis mod(minumum 1) they can heal equal to their con mod times their level. this can be done instantly in response to dropping under 1 health.

    Money is quite rare, and players can find or make items possessed by spirits that function like magic items of dnd, although rarer and more expensive.

    Int is no longer a stat and players get no bonus skill points. characters are as smart as the player wants. Wis takes its few remaining roles, making it a bit overpowered of a stat but acceptable for flavour.

    otherwise its quite like 3.5 although with some new feats, skills, and items.

    I was wondering
    1. how can I avoid falling in the same pitfalls as 3.5
    2. what ideas do you guys have to make the game better
    3. where can I post the(full of spelling and grammar errors) files so you guess can view them and give me better input, or use them your selves


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    Default Re: Homebrew System(Avatar the last air bender)

    What stops the benders from winning in every fight against a non-bender? They even get the same HD, BAB, and Skill Points as each other.
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    Default Re: Homebrew System(Avatar the last air bender)

    Sorry, non-benders gain a few extra skill points, as well as a pool of 5 extra stat points at level one, although I put a cap of 20 on all stats. they also get 3 talents at level one as opposed to one and the bending talent. at lower levels this makes non-benders more powerful although once benders get some cool talents non benders are outclassed, although non benders who specialize can potently deal more damage in close combat.

    Personally I am also concerned about balance, which is why I want to post my files, I just don't know where/how.

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