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    Default Thread that requires deletion. Please.

    [strike]A more bizarre place could not be imagined; this 'Nexus' was home to robots, sorcerers, aliens and all manner of strange beings. At least, that's what it said on the brochure, and Anton was inclined to believe it from what he'd seen so far. A large, unshaven human male wearing animal skin was conversing with a small humanoid robot with an air of familiarity just a few feet away, and the architecture of the place ranged from small suburban houses to skyscrapers to large demonic monuments with purposes incomprehensible to the human mind. To a pale-skinned sixteen year old video game/book nerd such as Anton, this was like heaven.
    "Damn. This place is insane." He grinned and rubbed his hands together before running in a random direction with no destination in mind. His smile mirrored the yellow smiley on his black shirt as he began exploring the fascinating world known as the Nexus.[/strike]
    Could somebody please delete this?
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