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    For the past couple years, this has been one of my favorite web comics. A fantasy comic about the three person crew of a privateer ship and their adventures and misadventures. Unfortunately, the adventure is coming to an end. The artist, one Nick Daniel, is ending the series and starting a new one. Consider this an opportunity to read through a pretty darn good story all in one shot without having to wait. (Why, no, this is not an attempt to boost the comic's popularity in an attempt to make the artist reconsider ending the series.)

    Normally, one would start a web comic at Chapter 1, or the Prologue. I'm gonna recommend you start with the Natural History of Lagend instead. This is a fantasy setting, after all. Certain things are a little different between Lagend and Earth, and establishing those differences will help you make more sense of the world at large. Honestly, the world is well fleshed out, probably well enough to write a tabletop RPG around.

    Done with the Natural History of Lagend? Then you are ready to start at the beginning.
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    Liked 70seas because of the characters and their development. World too. The end chapter seems like it has too many plot threads.
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    I don't really think it's worth reading the history until you've read at least a little bit of the story first. That way it helps put things about the history into context.

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