The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed
The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed - Coming in December and available for pre-order now
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    Default Re: OOTS death pool (thread #4)

    I think I'd count that, yeah. Not sure I want to bother putting that in the "rulings" section in the first post because this is entirely hypothetical so far. Also, hopefully if this were to occur the comic might clarify... although it likely wouldn't do so within the same strip. So, uh, I'd count it but might have to be prepared to revert if the comic made it clear that this is not "dead"? I think that's the best answer I can give.
    The Order of the Stick death pool thread -- place your bets! (Yes, it's still ongoing and maintained.)

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    Default Re: OOTS death pool (thread #4)

    Wow, a second point! Wa hey!

    OK, now I'm really sure there won't be any more deaths before the end of the book (which will end with Team Evil finding the Gate, of course...) So I could just leave it, but then I'll have no bets running at all, and if a random unexpected thing happens, I could lose out!

    So, take a wild shot in the dark - just in case the book ends with them all on the Mechane heading further north, and the cliffhanger is not the Gate, but the Mechane getting attacked by, I dunno, a surprise entry by a new faction of chaotic space monkeys led by Recloak's niece, I'm going to bet upon a known member of the Mechane's crew dieing in the sudden attack. Not Andi or Bandana.... so another visually well known crew member to be killed to provide shock value?

    My new bet is on Felix!
    Geez, what is it with that guy and needing to figure out all the fiddly little details?

    I know, right? It's called "Suspension of Disbelief"...
    Quote Originally Posted by Everyl View Post
    Some speculation turns out to be accurate, some doesn't. I'll deal with it the same way I deal with all other speculative theories I read and/or come up with: by continuing to read the comic, and enjoying it whether the speculation turns out to be right or wrong.
    Spoiler: Can I have an internet?

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    Default Re: OOTS death pool (thread #4)

    Re #1180. I think Curly got away. But an adventuring people should have no more than 6 adventurers, so
    I'm changing my bet back to Belkar.
    I can change because I bet on Curly before #1175.
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