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Thread: City of Reality

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    Default City of Reality

    I noticed it wasn't on the list, so I'm putting a little blurb in about it. It's a fantastic comic. The beginning starts out a bit rocky, as I feel it didn't take enough time to really introduce the characters or the setting, but it resolves into an interesting setting, great characters, and excellent stories (make sure when you start chapter 7, you click on the link at the bottom and read through that, then come back to the one on the site). There's a whole lot that's been set up to come, and what's already there is great, so check it out!

    Coulda sworn I put this in before.
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    Default Re: City of Reality

    if you want to see it on the list, you've got to post in the corresponding thread.
    also, providing a link wouldn't hurt.

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    I actually made a thread about this comic somes times back.It was lost due to lack of activity.

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