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    Default A New Web Comic - Wandering Viola

    Wandering Viola is a new ongoing comic story written by me and drawn by Nadine Feghaly.

    It's the story of Viola: a girl who comes from a world where everyone has their eyes closed in search of inner truth. Viola opens her eyes, however, and for this crime she is banished.

    Now she travels the universe one planet at a time.

    Would love to hear what you think.

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    Default Re: A New Web Comic - Wandering Viola

    It is very different from most webcomics and looks a lot like a children's book. I actually enjoy it, it has a feeling like Saint Exupery to it.

    I have never seen something like this published on the Net, if you keep going in this direction it could actually be more adapt as a reading book for the elementary school.

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