Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am theDancingPajamas. I have been toying with the idea of writing a web comic but I have yet to find anyone locally to draw for me. Here is a basic overview of story/characters.

- The main character is Devin Ewing. Age: 15, Gender: Male. Works at a fictional book store called Franz's Book Store. Eyes: Blue, Hair: Straight and brown, Skin: Pale white, lots of freckles. Kind of chubby. Powers: Strength, flight, and power absorbtion.

-Love interest: Sigrid Hjerdstedt. Age: 16, Gender: Female. Works at swedish bakery owned by parents called "Varmt Brod". Eyes: Blue, Hair: Straight and blonde, Skin: Fair white. Nice body.

-Antagonist: The Raven. Age: Mid-Forties, Gender: Male. Stalks Devin at night. Eyes: Purple. All other facial features hidden by scarf and bandana. Tall and Muscular. Powers: Teleportation and invisibility.

Devin Ewing has been aware of his power (strength) since he was 13 when he got into a fight at school. He becomes aware of his other powers as the story progresses.

Art Style: See: Scott Pilgrim. Less Chibi though. Artists choice really, but Scott Pilgrim would be cool.

Tell me if you guys are interested. If you are an artist please send me some concept art (if interested) and if you are interested in writing with me send me your ideas at my e-mail.

e-Mail: thedancingpajamas@gmail.com