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    Default Remnants

    Remnants is a very awesome webcomic (PG13). I have just started reading it a couple of minutes ago, and I am immediately intrigued. Here is the place to talk about anything related, anything at all. If you have not read this, you will want to read it soon, for it is amazing.
    Here is the first page: Remnants; 1

    Also, it is very dramatic: READ IT!
    Finished it now, very interesting, definite good comic, and hopefully it will get updated soon! Thanks MushroomIsland!
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    Default Re: Remnants

    xD you made my day today, thanks for all the nice compliments.

    REMNANTS COMIC - updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It hasn't missed an update for a whole year so you can expect it to be up to schedule :)
    All you lovely people...

    WEBCOMIC by mushroomisland - REMNANTS - dystopia/action

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