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    Default Re: Greetings from Erfworld

    I'm interested in seeing that novel, too.
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    Default Re: Greetings from Erfworld

    Me three! Come on Rob, if people can find my crappy first webcomic on keenspace, we gotta have access to your first works! Full disclosure! Full disclosure!
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    Default Re: Greetings from Erfworld

    No I won't post the original first draft because I hope to retell the story someday. When I have the time and freedom to pursue novel writing again, I want to salvage the core dramatic elements and some of the characters of that thing and put together something that a major science fiction publishing house might actually be interested in putting on shelves.

    Five years ago I decided I had to make creative effort a big part of my life again. I thought about trying to break into novel writing, but I picked webcomics instead. I liked the frontier atmosphere, and the potential to reach a wide audience.

    I'm convinced I made the right decision. But hopefully I'll live a long and productive life, and there will eventually be time to take up prose again. Just like in story comics vs gag-a-day comics, there are things you can do when writing a novel which can't be done in any other medium.

    Besides, my college novel is science fiction. It wouldn't quite fit the site. But I might be convinced to finish my Fantasy novella, The Elysium Stone, in serial form. It was supposed to be doing that on my site, but I got hijacked by other projects.
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