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    Default (AFM) Enter the Arena OOC

    This is where we'll be planning future fights (or you can do that in the IC by speaking to the secretary at the front desk. You can make all of your rolls in the IC, but it's probably a good idea to post a copy of your character here. Also, I'll probably be putting in statblocks for enemies here after you're done fighting them.
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    Default Re: (AFM) Enter the Arena OOC

    I'm on tablet now, I'll post my sheet in this thread when I can get on the PC and copy/paste.

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    Default Re: (AFM) Enter the Arena OOC

    Name: Kyuso Nakamura
    Appearance: green mullet, large black eyebrows, leather jacket, jeans, boots, t-shirt. Super strong looking yet attainable physique.
    Personality :Kyuso is always looking to defeat evil and protect the oppressed. He aimlessly wanders the land, in search of great justice!!
    Backstory: Kyuso grew up in what the elders used to call Japan in the beforetimes. Before world war 3 made the whole earth a wasteland. Robberbarons rule each small area and opress the regular poor people, and after being kicked around one too many times,he vowed to make all predators into prey!!!
    Recently, he discovered a glowing portal, entered it, and ended up in our current time, 20xx. Will he try to go home, or try to prevent his future from happening?
    Power: HARD WORK AND GUTS is all Nakamura needs to get the job done.

    Power(HARD WORK AND GUTS) 10/10
    Nakama 10/10

    Submission of Seventeen Crosses
    key stat brawn
    defense stat savvy
    He throws a flurry of fast punches each aimed at a pressure point on his opponent's body.
    Power cost:2

    Beautiful Barricade
    defensive move
    key stat savvy
    He mentally projects a crystalline shield in front of his body
    power cost:1

    Let's Go Rider Kick
    key stat brawn
    defensive stat savvy
    A flying karate style kick to the chest that culminates in an explosion!
    Power cost:1

    Hadouken Fireball
    key stat savvy
    Defensive stat brawn
    he focuses his fighting spirit through his open palms into a deadly flying sphere of energy!
    Power cost 2

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