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    Default Croatan tribe: Wanda Firebaugh

    I wonder if Wanda's lost tribe is in any way related to the real one:

    The Croatan were a Native American tribe living in the coastal areas of what is now North Carolina. They were one of the Algonquian peoples. They were on good terms with English settlers of the Roanoke Island colony, and there has been speculation that the survivors of the colony joined the Croatan. Evidence for this was found in 1998, when English artifacts were found within the territory of the Croatan tribe. The modern Lumbee tribe has claimed descent from the Croatan and the English survivors.
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    Default Re: Croatan tribe: Wanda Firebaugh

    Yes I think so. But I think it also relates to Croatan (World of Darkness RPG werewolf tribe) who lived among human Croatan tribe and got destroied when whiteskin came (and European werewolfs too).

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