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    Default It feels like I missed some

    ...of the jokes in nr10^^

    Like that hat and stuff! I could't draw any conclusions, but I have this lingering feeling that I could have laughed a lot more if I hadn't spoilt mty youth with TV and outdoor games

    Anyone care to count the memes?

    Besides that, Awsome comic, erfworld is totally shaping up. Cloth Golems, ZOMG
    Totally getting something nice here, when the time is right that is.

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    Default Re: It feels like I missed some

    Well as explained in the discussion thread the Hoffa/Livingstone joke references both Jimmy Hoffa (who vanished) and Dr Livingstone (a famous British explorer who was first lost and then found in Africa - "Dr Livingstone I presume?")

    Apart from that we have the meme jokes and more turn references.
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    Default Re: It feels like I missed some

    And of course the top hat was akin to the magic hats that rabbits &c. are always being pulled out of.

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