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    Am I the only one who really liked the Dwagon fight? I'm a big fan of Poe (errant story) who has alot of action in his comics, and I occasionally dabble in good ol beat em up action from superhero comics... but darn, the barbarian 'solo'ing the blue dwagon, was very nicely done. The action was intense but easy to follow... I know alot of people could very easily mangle up an arial fight, but this was quick and cleanly done.

    I'm so down on Erfworld, just for violence now... although I wonder if cloth golems will really look so cool fighting.

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    carebear smash!

    But yeah, you're right, the fighting so far has been well done. However, it's also been very one-sided. We'll see how they handle it when the teams are even.

    I've read a few mangas and they always do a horrible job with the action scenes so this has been nice so far.

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