This is your own IC please save this one. If you join a group this will still be here for you to make actions on your own.

It's morning the first time you step through the gates into the city of New Orcus through the north gate. The famed lights of New Orcus fill the red sky causing a beautiful show that you have never seen the likes of before. The dry ground of cracked earth crumbles beneath your boots.

The gate opens up into market where all manner of merchants are shouting out there goods for sale. The patrons of the market come in all shapes, sizes, and races. A Merchant caravan clangs by you as wagons with out horses pulling them passes by.

You spend some time talking to different people and you find out the following about what's happening in the city.

Keepers in the city are collecting bounties on creatures from the wilds.
The Ivory towers lord is about to marry an unknown lady.

A merchant was recently attacked on his travel to New Orcus and is looking for people to help reclaim lost goods.

The lord of the spiral tower’s daughter has not been seen in public in a long time.

The wardens are looking for help to get water to the farms surrounding new Orcus.

Recently a Orc (Orcs haven't been seen in 100 years) has been captured, and the Blackblades are looking for people to investigate.