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    Default Music genre question

    I recently heard Ed Sheeran's track for the forthcoming second part of The Hobbit, I See Fire, and I really like mix of acoustic guitar and violin.

    There are other tracks with a similar style, such as this fan piece for AC3 (Streets of Boston), to a lesser extent the AC3 and Firefly OSTs, and older traditional songs, such as Siúil A Rún, which is better known as Buttermilk Hill or Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier which dates back to the American Revolutionary War.

    So my question is, is there a name for this style of music? I hesitate to use the word 'Western' because of Firefly, since it pre-dates the cowboy mythology. American Traditional?

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    Default Re: Music genre question

    American Folk? It has a lot of heritage in Irish Folk, just aged forward with different instruments. I'm sure the actual genre is more nuanced than that. Ed Sheeran's track in particular is very reminiscent of Irish folk music.

    (And there's a lot of overlap between it and Western music, especially something like Ghost Riders. But you're right, it's not quite the same.)
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    Default Re: Music genre question

    Traditional American folk is usually referred to as "americana" That breaks down even further...Appalachian usually has stronger Celtic roots, Southern Spirituals are what you'd expect, Bluegrass has ties into all of this, and the old Cowboy songs eventually became Western (at the beginning, very different than Country, and now Country is diverging in different ways again).

    Anyway, if you're looking for new stuff, Americana is what you want to search on, and can't go wrong with Celtic folk (once you get beyond Irish pub songs, anyway).

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    Default Re: Music genre question

    I mostly listen the travel songs because i am a tourist and travel all over the world a song which i like to listen at travel time is "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones. It sounds so funny to me now, but it’s the memory of my innocence and wonder of the unknown world that keeps this song in a special place in my heart.

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