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    Mirumoto Tetsuya
    Clan: Dragon
    Family: Mirumoto

    Poems: The Sweeping winds, a leaf falls alone, the quiet forest.

    What does he look like?
    His hair dark and kept short. He often has a serious expression, that from time to time will give way to a mischievous smirk. His eyes are a golden green, something that his parents often bragged made him destined for glory in the Clan.

    Primary Motivation
    To serve his lord and to become a great and renowned warrior. A member of the Dragon army he struggles to prove his worth in peaceful times.

    Who he trusts most
    He trusts his lord and his wife, if not to guard his back at least to not stab him there.

    His Greatest Weakness, and his Greatest strength
    His greatest weakness is his confidence, he thinks that he can handle all that stands in his way with little help from others. His greatest strength is his determination, the other side of the coin of his confidence. He believes that simply because he wills it the path ahead will be made clear.

    What does he think of Bushido?
    Bushido is the framework by which Tetsuya governs his life. He cannot imagine any way he could betray the warriors code, and so is often regarded as an exemplary Samurai.

    Thoughts on his clan
    Tetsuya is a proud member of the Dragon, and appreciates their dedication to enlightenment. Even if he doubts he will ever understand how to find it himself. Practiced in the Ninten style he confidently sports his daisho on his right and left sides.

    Tetsuya was married off at a young age to a small branch of the Kitsuki, his wife is dutiful but as unhappy as he himself is with their pairing. Both of them are currently in an affair, a secret understanding between them that no proper samurai would bring attention to.

    Who is he most loyal to?
    His lord Mirumoto Taigen, a most honorable and well regarded master. He is pleased to serve and would lay down his life in a moment.

    His least and most favorite things
    His greatest dislike are those that disrespect himself or his family, quick to anger and insult should he find out. He enjoys most wordplay and poetry. Though in a broader sense one could say he is dedicated to making elegance out of all things, even war.

    Odd mannerisms
    He regards himself as a warrior poet, so at odd times he will be inspired to verse a haiku. Many times in the midst of battle.

    He keeps them well concealed, and truly they are quite shallow emotions most of the time.

    Subordinates Improper behavior
    Tetsuya is not a harsh master, to those who simply make a mistake through inexperience or nervousness he will not go much farther than a harsh word. However if the behavior was malicious or out of miscare on their part he will surely find a fitting punishment for such a one. He finds that swift punishment will prevent future lapses in duty.

    He hopes to become a great warrior, with great honor to his name. He is but a Hohei but he hopes to one day lead an army of the Dragon emblazoned with his personal mon.

    Tetsuya is not as religious as his fellow dragons, many of them sporting the shaved heads of monks and meditating at all times of the day. It is not a lack of effort on his part, he has tried his best to fit in but he finds inner peace elusive and hard won. Perhaps his heart is too clouded with ambition, doubt, and passions.

    How will he die
    In war, or so he hopes. Holding off countless foes, dying a death worthy of a samurai.

    Political Climate
    Though not very political, even Tetsuya can see that there is upheaval in the near future. THe clans will not stand for a Spider raised Emperor taking the throne.

    When relaxing he tends to either train or meditate in the gardens of the city. When that fails he maintains his equipment.

    What is his secret?
    He is currently in an affair with a high ranking diplomat's wife. Should the affair be made public he will surely shame himself and make enemies.
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