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    Default TES Lore ITP: Vehk's Great Big Book of Everything

    Consider this a discussion/introduction thread for the metaphysics and lore of The Elder Scrolls universe. The thread isn't for any particular game in the series--in fact, some of the best lore doesn't appear in any of them--but feel free to talk about those too.

    I'll start it off by asking if anyone around here has also taken an interest in the deeper, more abstract lore in TES, and ask them to share their personal theories on CHIM. Apparently there's a vast body of discussion going on in subreddits, forums, etc. about the philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings of the world the games take place in. I've been poking around on these threads for a few months now, and I'm wondering if GiTP has a resident TES scholar who can share his/her wisdom.

    Some Useful Resources:

    If you find a link that you think might be relevant, just post it and I'll add it to the list.

    For those of you who are new to the whole business, remember this: Canonicity in the TES universe is a sliding scale, rather than a boolean property. The books that appear in-game are all written by in-universe characters, so they often display bias and falsehood. The works written outside of the game are given by informed authorities like Michael Kirkbride, but don't have the Bethesda seal of approval. As such, please try to avoid discussions over whether a source is considered canon. They just go in circles.
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