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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Dungeons and Colouring Kickstarter ends tomorrow.

    It's RPG themed colouring books.

    Looks fun.
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    Default Legends of Novus, 1-5 player fantasy adventure boardgame, live on Kickstarter!

    If you get a moment, head over to **[/url**. Search Legends of Novus in Kickstarter.
    Everything you need to know to decide if you will enjoy this game is on the KS site, check it out!

    Enter a new fantasy world and become an epic hero in this 1-5 player adventure and combat tabletop board game. Featuring an open concept world, a card based character sheet, and a dynamic play style that ensures each game will play out differently regardless of the number of players!
    Novus is a world torn asunder, rebuilding after a torrent of supernatural energy called the Maelstrom that struck it over one hundred years ago. Players will take on the role of a heroic character striving to defeat the evils that now plague the world, and, if successful, they will become a Legend of Novus.

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    Default Are You a Wizard - Kickstarter for a Nearly-Done Roguelike

    Greetings, all!

    Thomas Orr, a church friend of mine, has a nearly-done Roguelike named Are You a Wizard. A playable version for Windows, Mac, and Linux is downloadable via the Kickstarter page. Extra funding goes toward upgrading the art and audio.

    May you also find this game spiffy enough to financially back.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Hello everyone.

    Just want to share these dice here and help out a friend whose running the project. Bloody Horror dice, d6 covered in blood and guts and things! Might be of interest to those who like to table top board game!

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread Mk II

    Hello everyone
    I love collecting dice, and like stretch goals - so I love to share all the stuff I back, as you can probably see here by most of my posts :P
    I backed these Gemstones , they look great and I hope I can get Neptune! Lots to go though...

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