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    Default Re: Goodbye, So Long Farewell III

    TL;DR: I'm leaving for good because my life's just been massively ****ed over by an illness that put me in crushing medical debt, I need to spare my health and this community is the ****ing worst. I'll spare you the full rant.
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    Default Re: Goodbye, So Long Farewell III

    I haven't been an active member of the community here for a long time, but in case anyone remembers or would like to know, I'd like to announce my permanent departure from the forums. (The decision was made several months back, but I neglected to mention it until now.)

    The forum just no longer holds any appeal for me going forward. I've made some good memories and great friends here, but with the state of the forum right now, chances of that continuing to happen are low, so I no longer see any purpose to being here.

    So long, and good luck everyone!

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    Default Re: Goodbye, So Long Farewell III

    I wish I wasn't posting in this thread...

    Anyway life is being life, in other words really busy and annoying. I have to take a break from this and maybe D&D as a whole for a while. However I will probably be back, eventually.

    At least I had fun while I was here, see ya and have a good day (or night, morning, evening, or whenever)
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    Default Re: Goodbye, So Long Farewell III

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
    So long, and good luck everyone!
    Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed the times we played together. I know when I go back and read the older threads, I will smile when I read something of yours, and remember you fondly.

    Thank you for the memories, and I hope that life treats you well.

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