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    Default Unfair bans and accusation stories! (In games!)

    Hello fellow Playgrounders,

    after reading a recent newsreport about STEAM's Anti Cheat Tool that apparently has algorithms to scan your DNS and send it to Valve for VAC testing and the resulting comments alongside that report I was thinking and apparently there is something like unfair bans/lockups or similar.

    This thread should feature all stories about wether you were banned from a server unfairly or from a Game altogether or got your account locked up due to weird things that aren't your fault.

    I'll start with a short story about CS:S.
    Quite some time ago I was regularly playing on servers that hosted funmaps such as a 24/7 de_dolls server (a Map where you are mousesized in a girls bedroom with a dollhouse on top of the bed which is the only bombsite).
    I started as Terrorist and had an awesome run. In 4 rounds I did not die but managed 12 kills and planting the bomb 3 times meant a 21/0 ratio. Round 5 starts and whoops I was banned from the server. And that is how sheer luck got me banned from my favourite server... luckily my clanleader knew the admin of that server.

    Another unfair thing happened on a private server for the game Ragnarok Online. The rules were clear. No chatrooms in the middle of the road but on the edge were ok. Somebody was selling something and I went in and in the same second he wanted to close it (leaving me as the new owner of the chatroom) and well I was standing in the middle of the road and as such I closed it fast but not fast enough for a GM to jail me. And apparently that GM didn't understand english that well and I had to wait till another GM logged on. Which were about 20 minutes.

    So I hope this will spark some interesting stuff to read!
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    Have a nice Day,

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    Default Re: Unfair bans and accusation stories! (In games!)

    Back when Dust 514's shotguns were still bugged as hell I decided it was a good idea to try them out. A strange effect of the bug was that some of the pellets get fired outside of the reticle. I had this great idea that maybe if I did a spinning jump while sprinting I might be able to see this effect best. All the pellets ended up going in any random direction they pleased and as a result I got picked up by the anti-cheat software. For spinning. Luckily CCP was aware of this bug and fixed my account by the next day, but still, it was weird.
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    The above combination makes no sense to me.

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    Default Re: Unfair bans and accusation stories! (In games!)

    I got banned from a BF3 server for team killing, and swearing. It was a christian server, so they had a pretty low tolerance for language. Which I find odd because they are hosting a game that is constant killing.

    In any event I killed two teammates at the same time with a grenade. I was below a hill and saw a fire fight around the bomb in a rush match. So I chucked it when it looked like teammates were dead or to far away from the bomb to defend it. I miss read the location of the IFF icons and two teammates ran into the small shack my grenade landed in. I said "oh **** I'm sorry", out of relfex. Next thing I know I'm looking at the server selection screen.

    To bad, it was a server that I had a good connection to. There were not many at the time.

    That was the only time I was ever banned.

    I have been kicked by small minded admins before.

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