Hey everybody. To get some things out of the way first.

Yes I know this game is meant for a much younger audience, like the ages that if i had any children would be their age.

That said I downloaded this game becuase at the time, i was bored with WoW and I played it through up to almost done with marleybone.

I came back just last week after what I thought was maybe 2 years, but it seems close to 4 actually LOL

I Stopped played just a bit after Girzzleheim was released as like earlier I got bored.

Now the game is all changed and they did nothing at all to expalin what those changes are, nor can I find any information on them anywhere.

I know what damage, resistance and accuracy is. the % listed is the % you add onto your existing spells or take away from opposing spells

I know the basis of criticla rating, critical spells will do double damage I i think at least since that is what most games do with critical strikes) how much rating does it take to get 1% chance to critical? I saw a guy with 327 strom critical rating. is that good bad, or very excessive?

Same thing with block rating,, how much rating is 1%?

and what the heck does armor peircing even do?

Its a fun game though now that I am in Mooshu its a LOT harder than the previous zones/worlds.

Im just hoping that somebody here can help me with my questions as It seems I cannot post a thread on the game's website, though i cna do a reply.. thats wierd.. do i have to be a subscribing member?