Hi all, are there any talented artists out there willing to lend a hand?

For my current running after-school campaign, the big master plot is that the kobolds and goblins have formed an alliance, after finding a huge store of gold in an abandoned mine, and want to take back control of their homeland. Thus, they are building themselves a rich and powerful army to combat the "no good humanoids". To represent their alliance, I dreamed up a symbol for them to put on flags, pendants and such:

The symbol is comprised of:
A dragon profile, preferably facing left, and in the background, 2 long spears crossed with electricity running between the two tips.

However I though to myself: it sure would be nice to actually have this to show the players rather than just describe it. However, since I can't draw squat, I was hoping some ambitious forum lurker that's talented with a pencil might help me out!

I hope to have this to show on Friday (assuming snow doesn't cancel the session -_- ). I fully encourage creativity outside what i've outlined above by anyone who undertakes this, and cake* awaits anyone who does so. Cheers!

*Note: cake may be a lie.